Are Expensive Shoes Always Better? A Myth or a Fact?

Is it true that the more expensive a pair of shoes is, the better is the quality and the more comfortable it will be? Are designer shoes worth the additional money that you could have otherwise spent on other items?


Is this a myth or a fact?


What contributed to the price of a pair of shoes?


#1 Material


The more expensive the material used, the pricier will be the pair of shoes. Leathers or specialty materials such as Swarovski crystals will play a part in establishing the final price of a pair of shoes.


#2 Manufacturing Costs & Research


The more research that is done on the pair of shoes, the pricier it will be. For example, if the amount of money spent on researching a pair of durable and comfy shoes is high, most probably, the price of that pair of shoes is high too.


The cost of manufacturing the pair of shoes also plays a part in establishing the price of the shoes. If the shoes are made with limited stocks, the price would be higher. Other special techniques such as handcrafting techniques also contribute a part in the price of the shoes.


#3 Branding


The more established a brand is, the pricier the pair of shoes would be.


#4 Designer cost


Every pair of shoes comes from a talented individual who design them. The cost of manpower is also included in the price of a pair of shoes.


So how should you then decide which pair or price range suits you? Go back to the basics � Find a pair of shoes you like and are comfy, durable. You are the user and the best opinion or advice should come from you yourself.


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